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Most people are not formally educated or well informed about finance or investments. Its made to look like a rocket science for the less informed folks out there. And there is a good old perception that financial markets are rigged and are allegedly the place for losing your hard earned money more than Vegas. We have set out to educate people of the merits of investments and show that it is not as hard to invest and to earn optimal returns from your investments as you have been made to believe.

In the today’s highly connected world, which is morphing into a global village, each one of us are affected by what is happening or not happening at every other country. One way or the other, all corporates are affected in various scale and magnitude by the currency movements thereby increasing the need to hedge their potential risks. We offer tailor made solutions to the corporate hedging needs on a pro-active real time basis.

Whether you are an individual wanting to enter the perceived complex maze of investment world; or a knowledgeable veteran who understands the risks and rewards, but simply unable to act on account of lack of time; or corporate body requiring to manage own investments in a professional way or manage your foreign exchange risk profile but lack internal resources to do so; We are your potential consultant to help you meet your goals.

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In the present world, corporates are facing challenges in raising funds through conventional means because of various reasons including increased controls, higher risk perception and tightening liquidity. With the drying up of financial resources for corporates to carry on their growth path, it becomes imperative to think beyond the conventional means of raising funds.

Though companies are aware of raising funds through stock market listing of their shares, bonds and other instruments, they are reluctant to tread that path due to its lengthier and complex mechanism with obvious pitfalls. Most often, people think that this is the route for major corporates and not medium sized companies.

Here we come as professionals having expertise in deciphering the complex mechanism and guide you through the path of listing that will open up a lot of business possibilities even for medium sized organizations. We also provide advice on mergers and acquisitions that can unlock the potential of synergy.

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