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Whether you are an individual wanting to enter the perceived complex maze of investment world; or a knowledgeable veteran who understands the risks and rewards, but simply unable to act on account of lack of time; or a corporate body requiring to manage own investments in a professional way or manage your foreign exchange risk profile but lack internal resources to do so; We are your potential consultant to help you meet your goals. Please fill up the contact form with your details for a no-obligation intro meeting.


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We, at MAPS, believe our track record is a definite proof of our edge. Our clients can expect their investments to perform equally yielding returns commensurate with the risk profile. We place our funds also in the same basket; same trades; same investments as our clients as a proof of our commitment. Our clients can be rest assured that their interests are same as ours. Our team would be glad to meet and discuss how we can help you grow your assets to suit your needs.

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